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Types of Income Protection Cover

There are pre-dominantly two types of income protection – short term income protection and long term income protection. They are explained in more detail below:

Short term income protection:

The "short term" derives from the fact that these policies pay benefit amounts i.e. the amount of your cover for a period of 12 months. While there are some policies that pay only for 6 months and some pay for upto 18 months, most policies pay upto 12 months. The short term protection however calls for all the three common risks – unemployment, accident and sickness

Long term income protection:

The "long term" indicates that most of these policies pay the benefit amount i.e. the cover amount you have chosen for longer periods of time. In terms of accident and sickness, these policies pay from 5 years to the retirement age and some pay until the age of 70. In terms of unemployment though, most long term policies will only pay for a maximum of 12 months and many providers also have restrictions in terms of how many times unemployment can be claimed for during the lifetime of the policy.

Hence in summary, if you are looking for benefit of 12 months to 18 months, short term income protection cover is the one for you and for any duration longer than these, it will have to be the long term cover. Needless to add, for the same benefit amount, the longer term income protection insurance tends to be more expensive than the short term one.

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