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Why you can trust Pension Extra

Our trusted partnerships with respected pension providers ensures that you get offered the best deal for your situation. By using our free service you can compare pension plans across the market and choose the best plan for you.

What you can expect

  • We compare the best pension plans.
  • No obligation and our service is free.
  • Earn up to 72% extra income.
  • We only use the most trusted providers.
  • Advice from expert Independent Financial Advisors.

Pension Reviews and Advice from the Experts

NOW is the time to be sure your pension is performing. You should have your pensions reviews by an expert at least every 2 years to make sure you are getting the best returns for your future.

In the UK there are more than a hundred pension plans. Some of them can be daunting.

Hence, in order to find the best pension plan you have to shop around. This can be very time consuming and also quite a demanding experience. However, you can make life easy for you and get us to do all the hard work without any obligation. We search the market and work hard to provide you with the best products to suit your needs. We are also able to offer you a choice and it is entirely up to you on how you would like to proceed.

Some people choose to use price comparison engines and while this may seem helpful as you would get a choice, not all pension providers are on comparison engines and hence you may not find the best deal.

If you are an existing policy holder and not looked around for 2 years, it's time you had your current pension reviewed.

What is a pension review?

Pensions can be a confusing product and they need to perform well to secure your financial future. A pension review is a wealth check performed by one of our expert financial advisors. We check the performance of your current pension plan and if we find a product that is consistently outperforming your current pension we will outline the opportunities for pension transfer to increase your future pension pot.

Pension products change constantly, what worked for you 5 years ago may be working against you now. For example, a £20,000 pension pot may have high fees and a low return. Our experts can find and transfer your pension to a product with low fees and a much higher yield.

What is a pension transfer?

A pension transfer occurs when you wish to transfer your pension to a different pension provider. Essentially, it is the process of transferring the value of your existing pension schemes to another, more suitable, pension scheme.

Who qualifies?

Anyone with a pension pot qualifies for a pension transfer and anyone can qualify for a first time pension.

What type of schemes can I transfer from?

Understanding the different types of pension schemes available is crucial as you could be giving up guarantees and other benefits. There are two main types of pension, defined benefit (usually provided by government and larger blue chip companies and the defined contribution scheme, (usually personal pensions, stakeholder pensions and group personal pension schemes). You can transfer both types, but only when circumstances are in your favour.

How can I transfer from an Income Drawdown plan?

Transferring from an income drawdown plan to another income drawdown plan may be suitable for you in certain circumstances, such as a lowering costs to get a better income or if you have had a major change in circumstances. If you're thinking about transferring from this type of plan, the plan you are transferring to must also be an income drawdown plan.

Can I transfer to and from any pension scheme?

No, some pension schemes are not suitable for transfers. Get in touch with one of our advisors today, who will be happy to list the schemes that are compatible with the transfer process.

Can I cash in a transfer or pension into saving plans?

No, you are only permitted to transfer money from one UK registered pension scheme to another. However, you are able to access your pension including your tax free cash at age 55.

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