All the details on this Form are true and not misleading Where I / we have opted not to take Payment Protection, I / we understand it is my / our responsibility to keep up my / our own repayments if I / we are unable to work I / we understand that this loan will be secured against my /our property At this stage of the application, we would like to do a credit search. Sometimes information about you on the credit search can be linked to other people and false information may be recorded. Legally we need your permission to do a credit search, and the permission of anyone you have a link with. If you don't have a financial link with anyone, then of course it is only your permission we need. Do you give us permission?

Disclosure and use of your information
It is important that you READ THE INFORMATION BELOW FROM THE FISA BORROWER INFORMATION GUIDE. This explains how your data will be used. You will also receive your own copy of this guide in the post. I / we confirm the information given in this application is accurate and that you, or any lender to whom you submit this application, may use, and disclose my / our data as described in the Borrower Information Guide. Calls may be recorded for quality and security purposes.

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