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It’s all about you
We will analyse your financial circumstances and agree an affordable monthly payment that allows you to live a normal life without taking out further credit and getting into deeper debt.

Remove the worry
We will deal with all of your creditors, handle any paperwork and phone calls you receive and negotiate reduced repayment amounts that you can afford, so you don’t have to.

Freeze interest charges
By negotiating with your creditors will we attempt to get all interest and charges frozen or reduced, so that the balances are brought back under control.
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Lenders use your credit report when deciding whether to make you an offer and how much interest you should pay.

You can see your Experian credit report and make sure all the information it contains is accurate and up to date.

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debt application We consider every application individually. If you have a poor credit history or are self-employed, that doesn't mean you can't repay the money you borrow. Your credit history is just that - history. So, even if you've missed a few mortgage payments, have CCJs or defaults, we should be able to help.
  • Keeps you in control of your finances.
  • Helps you budget.
  • If DAS, it protects you from creditors.
  • Helps reduce worry and stress associated with debt.
  • It protects your home provided you keep up with your rent, mortgage or secured loan repayments.
  • Helps you get back on road to financial freedom.